Delegation of EU ambassadors visited Atyrau

ATYRAU, KAZAKHSTAN. On 10 November, the EU Ambassador and the Ambassadors of European Union Member States, including Estonian Ambassador Toomas Tirs, paid a joint visit to Atyrau. The objective of the visit was to get to know better the Western region of Kazakhstan, meet with the region’s authorities, academic and civil society, the youth and businesses. Together with Astana, Atyrau was chosen as the place where the European Film Festival took place this year. Six European movies made in the EU were screened in Atyrau.

During the meeting with the akim of Atyrau region, Mr. Serik Shapkenov, the ambassadors were given information about the oil-rich region and its perspectives of development. Discussions touched on the questions of economic development and possible cooperation in the field of green energy, agriculture, water management, education etc.

Ambassadors met also with the representatives of the civil society in the fields of human rights and ecology, met with representatives of oil production and servicing companies, and held talks with the local youth in the format of traditional “Ambassador’s Café” in the premises of the Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University. Ambassadors visited the Atyrau Historical Museum where they could see more about the region, its history and historical heritage.

The culmination of the visit was the opening of the European film festival in Atyrau with the Estonian film THE LITTLE COMRADE (SELTSIMEES LAPS) directed by Moonika Siimets. Ambassador Toomas Tirs delivered a welcome speech THE LITTLE COMRADE (SELTSIMEES LAPS):

In the midst of Stalinist tyranny, six-year-old Leelo’s mother is sent to a prison camp. Haunted by her mother’s last words telling her to be a good kid, Leelo vows to be on her best behaviour in the confusing grown-up world in the hope that it will bring her mother back.