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Digital Estonia

Estonia is the leader in IT technologies in Europe. Estonia has one of the most developed digital society in the world. Services such as education, law, healthcare, taxes are all integrated in one digital system.

Potential for Estonia and Kazakhstan

Digitalisation is one of the main spheres of cooperation between Estonia and Kazakhstan. Estonian IT companies are interested in the market of Kazakhstan and looking forward for our mutual cooperation. Today, as the world is trying overcome challenges posed by COVID-19, solutions in e-education, e-healthcare have become vital. Estonia proposes unique ideas not only how to improve the quality of life during the crisis but also how to recover and stabilise economic situation in general.


The ecosystem of e-governance allowed sustainability and continuity of the public sector services for citizens and enterprises. Through that, it has been proven how e-Governance can have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving citizen participation and quality of life as a result of effective multi-stakeholder partnerships. Fully integrated public services are the way to build up the most secure digital society and overcome the crisis that we are facing today. Estonian solutions gives an opportunity to get a number of public services starting from e-taxes to road administration.

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Almost all schools in Estonia use e-school programs already for years. There are numerous smart solutions in use such as digital databases, digital textbooks, e-learning materials, digital class diary, digital assessments, as well as various applications and programs.

Digital education tools of Estonia are not merely an interesting experiment, but an integral part of our education system. Estonia is the leading education nation in Europe (No 1. in PISA test in Europe) thanks to great teaching competency and successful digital transformation of education system. That is why we believe other countries could benefit from our digital tools and best practices as well.

Estonian Education Nation helps everyone affected by the current situation in switching to online education, by providing free remote learning seminars.

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Estonian advanced e-health infrastructure has proven especially useful during crisis. As 99% prescriptions issued in Estonia are digital, the need to show up at the doctor’s office is brought to minimum. Patient can use these digital prescriptions in any pharmacy in Estonia, just by providing their national ID card to the pharmacist. If a face-to-face meeting is still needed, then multiple telemedicine solutions are available.

As with COVID-19 spreading, many people need to take sick leave from work. However, going to doctor’s office for this reason could spread the virus in hospitals even more and put medical workers in unnecessary risk. That is why central e-health agency launched a new service that allows people to initiate sick/care leave online themselves through the national patient portal.

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Innovative solutions from Estonia

Estonia is proud of companies who present their innovations in various aspects of life. Smart and comfortable movement for cargo at checkpoints, pedestrian intensity surveillance, smart drones and many more unique products help to facilitate economic growth, especially during and after COVID-19 crisis. Estonia is ready for cooperation with Kazakhstan in building up digital societies and economies.

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